Not looking forward to this coming week

One of the community newspapers that I write for has been going through some hard times lately, and the decision to pull the pin and give up looks like the only alternative at this stage.

We have gone from a production team of 7 down to 3, and if I was to be totally honest, it really is only 2 people doing most of the work.

It’s not enough that we can’t find help with the content and formatting, but we are really having a big issue in getting any sponsorship.

Most months we are lucky if we can cover our printing costs. It is only due to a small grant that we received last year that we have been able to hang in there as long as we have.

When asked how important a community newspaper is to the local area, most people agree that it is invaluable, but when it comes to putting our money where our mouth is I guess that’s a whole different story.

It’s sad to see something you have loved and worked so hard on fold, but at this point I really can’t see any alternative.

This week is going to be full of meetings and emotions will be running high, I may need to stock up on chocolate to help me get through, of course if chocolate fails to help there is always wine right?


26 thoughts on “Not looking forward to this coming week

  1. I’m so sorry! I hope a solution of some sort is found. It seems that many local papers are going the way of the dinosaur because so many people read their news online. However, online news doesn’t have the personal flair of a hometown paper. I recommend dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds for the optimal chocolate comfort.

  2. We have a local newspaper which comes out four times a year…not frequently enough for it to have any weight….I do hope some sponsorship turns up for your local paper.

  3. If you go for the wine instead of chocolate we can both sit together and cry.

    Apart from that, I do agree that community newspapers are very important. I get most of the events, for example, that happen around town from them. Here in Spain is public funding so itΒ΄s actually me the taxpayer paying for them like them or not so thatΒ΄s the reason they keep in circulation.

    Maybe on a latter date when things get better you can return to be the editor in chief, or president.

  4. Have you approached a few local businesses for advertising or just a one off donation to include their logo somewhere in the paper [depending on the size of the donation it could be close to the front or on the back page]

    If you have a local health center or fitness center they will often support community papers and advertise in them simply because they rely on community support for most of their clientele.

    The same for cleaning and handyman services such as Dial-An-Angel etc

    It’s just a thought – but you’ve likely thought of it already anyway.

    As for content, do you have a local high school? You could approach their English department to see if they have any talented Seniors who could do a weekly movie/music/book reviews as well as a small feature aimed at teens and young adults. That will increase the readership to include the younger ones simply because they’ll want to see what so&so thought about ‘whatever’.

    1. Thank you Jenni all excellent suggestions. I think the most disheartening thing has been the lack of interest from the community especially when it comes to supporting the paper, not only through advertising or sponsorship but even with content. We did have the local high school engaged but their submissions were few and far between, everyone is very time poor and unable to commit. We are not giving up though, we have drafted up a flyer which we will be distributing to agencies and local centres, library’s etc and have also placed a large ad in this upcoming edition inviting people to get involved. Finger crossed we will get some helpers but at the moment there are only two of us left.

      1. Good luck – if you think of anything I could do to help just let me know. It’s been awhile but I can still draft a column or article if someone tells me what they want. I’ve worked more on the Press Release side of things as well as the special interest stories I do now for my own pleasure.

        I think you live near my sister, she’s the office manager for a health clinic/fitness center so if you sent me the details of the paper I could ask her to pass them on to the owners.

        I don’t know what they’d do with it but MJ is quite persuasive when she wants to be [most find it easier just to agree with what she wants straight up as it saves time]

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