Winter sports


Winter is my least favourite season of the year. Cold dark nights and wet and windy days are not my idea of fun at all.

This year winter appears to have set in earlier than ever. Technically we have only just embarked on the last month of Autumn, and yet it already feels like hibernation time. In a another life I could totally have been a bear. The whole idea of sleeping through winter appeals to me on so many levels.

Unfortunately most boy sports are actually winter sports, so tonight I will be braving the elements as I sit and wait for my son to finish his soccer training. Once he is finished I will rush him home only to pick up the other son who also has basketball training tonight.

Luckily last years Mother’s Day gift from my daughter was a cute travel mug which I plan on taking along with me tonight. I think a nice steaming cup of tea is just what is in order.


14 thoughts on “Winter sports

  1. I am so with you. We are entering spring here and I am thankful winter is behind. My favorite color is pink… & what a great message your mug carries! Stay warm!

    1. Turns out it wasn’t so bad at the soccer I was able to park my car in such a way that I was directly I front of the oval, so was able to stay in my car with my tea and the radio on and watch him relatively warmly. Xxx

  2. I agree, bears have the right idea. Hibernation during the cold season is the way to go for any sensible person. Hang in there and try not to freeze at training.

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