Children and cars

What is it about cars that seem to bring out the worst in children?

You would think that by now I would know better but apparently I don’t. I stopped to pick up some breadcrumbs from the local IGA on the way home from school pick up, as I am making chicken schnitzels for dinner tonight. I was only gone a couple of minutes, but it would seem that is all that is needed for world war 3 to break out inside my little car.

I had one crying, one screaming and one sulking. Clearly they were all over tired and hungry. In future I will make sure I drop them off home first, it’s just not worth the heart ache.

10 thoughts on “Children and cars

  1. Oh dear. How old are your children? It is probably difficult for them to stay inside the car after being cooped up at school all day. I suppose bringing them into the store would’ve proved just as disastrous. Maybe pick up your grocery items before picking them up would be more efficient? Or making sure there is something in the car to occupy their attention long enough for you to run into the shop? (Just a suggestion) No matter what, three kids are a handful and I can’t imagine raising three! I only had one and that was hard enough! There’s no book on parenting. It’s a learn-as-you-go occupation.

    1. Definitely a learn as you go occupation being a parent. My kids are 15 and 12 (twins), you would think that is old enough to sit quietly for 2 minutes while I dash inside to get the breadcrumbs, but apparently not. 🙂

      1. I actually think those are the toughest years. At least they were some of the toughest for us. I’m one of 8 kids and my folks had to deal with puberty for more than 10 years straight. And that’s 6 sisters with PMS at different times! No wonder my mother is crazy! 🙂

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