I went to a Scentsy party a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine was hosting the party to help out a young family from her church.

Anyone who has birds knows that aerosols and fumes from burning oils are toxic to birds. So I am always careful with any fragrance I bring into my house, and because I am such a worrywart I always tend to err on the side of caution.

I ended up buying a car air fresher that you hang from the rear view mirror, and a hand cream, because they seemed like the safer option. The fragrance I chose was ‘Mochadoodle’ sounds strange I know, but it smells something like a combination of caramel and mocha.

I was so excited to put the car freshener in my car. I couldn’t wait for the children to get a whiff, what I didn’t anticipate was just how strong the scent was. Not only did the fragrance fill the car, it permeated the whole garage as well.

Madelyn had a headache after only a few minutes in the car. George said he felt sick. Surprisingly Harry liked the smell and was not affected by the strong scent.

I have ended up moving the car air freshener into the toilet. So now the whole back half of my house smells of Mochadoodle. I can’t help wondering, it just my family that is sensitive to strong smells or does anyone else have this problem?


28 thoughts on “Mochadoodle

      1. A guy holding a Scentsy Party…? I don’t care what they would say… I at least know what I am.. A candle lover…

  1. I have sensitivity to scents. I made the mistake of buying this lavender effervescent thing to place in my shower – supposed to help relax me so i can sleep, because i don’t;) Anywho, I ended up with an asthma attack, stuffed up nose, itching and i had to open all of the windows in the house – the temps were still in the teens! Oy – served me right.

  2. We are both very sensitive when it comes to scent….natural stuff is fine…oil based perfume is fine…but anything alcohol or chemical based doesn’t cross the door.
    I’ve found scent free cleaning and laundry products, luckily….they used to provoke outbursts of wheezing and breathlessness in both of us.

  3. I never use this kind and try to use so natural cleaning products as possible, when I can. Sometimes things need more tough cleaning products, but not natural smells I never use. They give headaches.

  4. As someone who used to sell Scentsy, I will tell you that you picked the most overpowering scent they have. While it is great in small doses, it is very strong!

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