The Dog who came back from the dead

The Dog who came back from the dead


The amazing recovery of Patrick the Pitbull after he was dumped in the rubbish.

Patrick’s original owner left the dog tied up to a railing for 7 days before somebody dumped his dying body in the rubbish. When he was rescued Patrick was starving, and had been subjected to months, possibly a lifetime of horrific abuse.


After weeks of emergency measures which included a transfusion of three pints of dog blood, a special diet, medicine and physical therapy, Patrick began to gain weight and eat solid food.


Patrick has received hundreds of letters, emails, donations and gifts by those inspired by his tale of survival.

This story appeared on Pintrest yesterday, but occurred last year. How anyone could ever be so cruel is beyond me.


23 thoughts on “The Dog who came back from the dead

  1. That was a nice ending. Incredible how that “thing”that I thought was dead when I saw the first pic, recovered is really amazing. As much as I write I hate my two monsters that I have in the house, since they pee, fart, and do “doodo” on inhuman scale, they´re MY little monsters, so my responsibility,plus they actually make me laugh. Can´t never quite figure out how people would do that. Because having been around dogs since I was a kid they do become part of the family.

  2. The lack of reverence for life on the part of many is abhorrent, and sadly there is so much of it out there. … I’m glad Patrick made a full recovery and I hope he’s found a home where he will be properly loved.

  3. Oh my gosh, how terrible! However, so glad to read that Patrick the Pitbull survived his awful ordeal. What is wrong with some human beings? I suppose that’s a question we’ll never be able to answer. But thank you for sharing his story as a warning and an inspiration to others to reach out and care!

  4. What the heck is wrong we people? Really! I don’t like pit ills but no animal needs to be treated like that… I think a punishment would be to tied up to the same railing..

  5. I am so glad this dog was given a second chance. Dogs are beautiful animals who need love, care, and attention. I am glad that someone is loving him. We need them and they need us. This is a touching story of a dog who only needed a little love and care. This is a very encouraging story. It is too bad that we cannot save all dogs and other animals from such horror.

  6. It’s hard to believe that the skeleton of a dog survived. So relieved this had a happy ending. People are so cruel. Karma is what I’m thinking… Thanks for sharing. ~Karen~

  7. So glad this turned out ok , thank god someone found him & took care of him .
    Whoever did this is a sad excuse for a human being , I’m thinking karma will take care of that .
    Hope he’s found a home were he will be loved .

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