Good customer service is so important

Mum had a gastroscopy yesterday, which thankfully showed up nothing sinister! At the same time my mother-in-law is in hospital recovering from knee surgery. Seems both my mums are doing it tough at the moment. Fortunately they are both in good hands, I couldn’t be happier with our health system we really are very lucky here in Australia (hopefully this lasts).

What was disappointing though was the booking officer who booked mum in for her gastroscopy. Her customer service skills need a lot to be desired. It’s people like that that give the health sector a bad name.

Thankfully there are many others like the amazing staff at the Angliss Hospital and the lovely lovely people at Beleura Private hospital that more than make up for any negativity brought on by a hand full of people who obviously should not be in customer service.


19 thoughts on “Good customer service is so important

  1. I agree. Customer service can make or break an experience of any sort, really. And those that work in hospitals – should enjoy working with people.

  2. Thank goodness they aren’t in the US… These right wing republicans don’t want affordable health care…

  3. Glad to know that somebody is doing a great job! Hope your mums are doing well. Public contact is important when you are representing a business.

  4. The doctors and health service professionals here in Costa Rica are superb …..but the secretaries are the pits!
    They let down a superb health service by their laziness and incompetence.

  5. I’m so glad you have a good health system there Diana. I have told my family and doctors that I will die in my apartment before I ever go to our hospital again. The 36 hours I spent there in January were nothing short of torture. The hospital is not a year old yet, and is already sinking into the marsh it was built on, and is bankrupt, so they can’t afford to hire needed help for the patients who are condemned to go there for “care” And still they say they are among the top 5 in the country.

    1. Oh that is so appalling! I’m sorry to hear that. What country is this in? We really are fortunate here I must admit. I hope your hospital improves it’s facilities I don’t know how they can get away with that.

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