Some days

It has just been one of those days, you know the ones I mean, they start bad and no matter what you do it just seems like you are putting out one fire after another.

Today is my dear friend and colleagues birthday, we planned a lovely morning tea for her and I was I charge of getting the cake, present and the balloons. Because the shops don’t open till 9am which is the time I start work, I had everything prepared the night before. I paid extra to have the helium balloons coated in this stuff called “lift” which is meant to prolong their life span for at least a week (I have used this stuff in helium balloons before and it works marvellously).

You can imagine my horror this morning when I found the balloons all but deflated. Turns out the lady at the party shop forgot to put the “lift” substance into the balloons. Arrgh!

Next we discovered that the advertisement we have been circulating to try and recruit for the Bayswater Buzz community newspaper has the wrong contact email details. Grrrrr!

And now my daughter has cracked it and decided that she does not want to come to Jump (indoor trampoline centre) with the rest of us. Hmmph!

The way I see it I have two choices, I can insist she comes along in which case she will no doubt spend the whole time pouting and ruin it not only for herself but for her brothers as well as the friends we are going with, or I can not let it get to me, remain calm (on the outside anyway) and try to see if anyone else has a friend who would like to come along in her place.

Turns out that a lot of children were keen to take Madelyn’s spot. So Madelyn is happy now because she doesn’t have to come along and can stay home with dad, and the boys are happy because they won’t have to listen to her whining and complaining, as for me, well I am thankful that I have managed to keep my emotions in check and find a solution that seems to please everyone. It has been a busy week,so glad it’s finally Friday.


9 thoughts on “Some days

  1. well I never heard of “lift” before – so that is good to know – but sorry they forgot to put it in there for you!

    and I liked reading about how you really pondered what Madelyn needed – because there are times when if we insist they join us – they can sometimes thank us late r- but then there are other times, which as you note – they will just be whining and angry – and well, it is just so awesome to read this – because indeed – at times it is more win-win to give our children a little power in their choices – and so 2 thumbs up momma! 🙂
    and hope today is better than the day you wrote about. 🙂

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