I nearly died of embarrassment today..

I nearly died of embarrassment today!! At about 2pm I was putting some files away at work when when one of my colleagues approaches me and informs me that I have a massive split right up the middle of my pants. To make matters worse I was wearing black pants at work today with white underwear underneath!!

So all day long I have been walking around oblivious to the fact that I was flashing everyone my backside. Once the initial horror passed I assessed my options and quickly threw on my raincoat which I had thankfully brought in with me today. Boy was I glad to leave work today.


27 thoughts on “I nearly died of embarrassment today..

  1. Hihi, one day you might turn this into a funny story that will make you laugh πŸ™‚ I have not done exactly this, but I have done many funny things, like walking into glass walls, falling off the bus, having a bucket of water emptied over my head while I was shopping, having my skirt blow up in a breeze, hihi, I make them into funny stories to make people laugh πŸ˜€

  2. Oh my… but it’s true if you turn it around into a laughable moment you will feel better, like the joke was not really on you, it was on everyone else, because you knew what was going on the whole time!! Hope you have a better day today! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh that’s a black day (even with white panties) :o) My granny accidentally put a part of her skirt in her undies once and no one of her coworkers said one word :o)

  4. Been there done that.. I once walked around all day with my zipper down but I guess if you lived in the rain forest of the Amazon you’d be embarrassed for wearing clothes.. It’s all relative..

  5. Are you sure you had it all day – maybe it just happened before your co-worker mentioned it?
    Yeah, that would be too easy! Of course you walked around all day with it… that’s just how life goes! A good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously!

  6. Yeah, I agree with your other commenter, it might have only just happened…or at least tell yourself that!!! Or get angry that no one else had told you before hand!!
    Then throw on your coat, toss your hair aside and walk out head high like you do to care a bit….then die of embarrassment in your car :))) xx

      1. One day last week I discovered I had a hole in the back seam of my leggings right across my bum that I’d been wearing all day in front of the builders and the world!!!

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