Teenagers! Homework! Need I say more…

Oh my goodness!!! Tonight I helped my teenage son set up a blog for a school project he is working on. The project is about how they can beautify parts of a local area, which is a really nice concept. His group has chosen to create an urban green space on an unused lot where the community can sit and take in the surroundings, where teenagers can hang out. An area that is both inviting and practical, a place that will bring people together.

Anyone who has teenagers can testify to the fact that our adolescence know everything! You name it, they know it! They have an answer for everything. If you try to show them an easier way, a better way, they just scoff and are quick to remind you that you know absolutely nothing. Never mind that you have been running a blog for over year now. Never mind that you too were once a teenager, unfortunately this has no relevance to them at all.

I guess the end result is what counts and my son was able to create a lovely blog which will hopefully gain him a good grade at school. Challenging as this experience may have been it was also fun. I love spending time with my son. I enjoy our banter. He may do my head in at times with his know it all attitude, but truth be told our children are miles ahead of us when it comes to technology, still there is always some things they can learn from mum and dad right?


17 thoughts on “Teenagers! Homework! Need I say more…

  1. O my, the things mother´s do….

    I tended to get a swap in the back of my head by my mom, though at that age I didn´t use the internet. Probably made things better.

  2. We don’t have children but my husband has been ‘mentor’ to kids from his extended family over the years…they’ve come to stay with us to relieve family tensions, to give them space…and they have taught us so much in terms not only of technology but of modern social life.
    So confident, so sure that they can do whatever they want…
    We weren’t like that at all when we were young.

    We are planning a trip to our house in Spain this autumn…and have been touched by the e mails from these ‘kids’ – now grown up, successful in life, with their own kids – who want to come to see us because – to quote one –
    ‘I want to see Oncle Leo bashing on my kids’ door at dawn to get them up to have his special breakfast and chop wood for the day….I felt wanted and needed and I want them to feel the same…’

    I’m not an emotional person, but i feel teary that they still remember us with so much love.

    1. That’s is so lovely Helen, you and your husband have obviously touch these kids in such a positive and inspirational way. You are very right though we were not as confident or self assured at their age.

  3. My son is in college working on his music education degree. He is finally coming to terms with the fact that his dad, who has a doctorate in music, may have known what he was talking about when he was his band director in high school. Lol!

  4. Using a blog as a class assignment — that’s a great idea! Glad you and your son could share in this learning experience!

  5. How funny!! And how true! I got Ben to set up an excel spreadsheet for my business finances recently – excellent!! I loved him and I working on it together and he was so proud to show off what he can do xx

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