Working Through Change

Change is good. At least that’s what they tell us. Maybe if we were more open to the idea of change, and not be so resistant, we may be able to embrace whatever new and exciting thing was coming our way.

Today we sat through a three hour Professional Development session about “working through change” it was interesting, and really a lot of the principles apply to every aspect of life not just necessarily work.

The company I work for has recently gone through a merger, and although we are now over 6 months into the process the impact of the merger is only now starting to be felt in the organisation.

The recent budget has really hit hard and funding in many key areas has been cut, this no doubt will mean some restructure, possible contract renegotiation and even retrenchment.

I think we all realised this PD was a way of preparing us for the unsettling times ahead.

What I took away from this PD, something I have been telling my husband a lot lately, as he too struggles to adjust to a new position at work, is that work is only one part of our life, it is not our whole life. As long as we can focus on the fact that work is merely a means to an end we should be able to get through this merger relatively unscathed, well that’s my plan anyway.


13 thoughts on “Working Through Change

  1. Change for a pawbabie is hard because the parentwithoutpaws has to learn doggie talk. One paw at a time

  2. Sounds like a very sound plan to me. Too many people let their work take over their lives, I think if you can keep it in perspective that’s a huge achievement, and will definitely make life a lot less stressful. And yes, supposedly change is good, it’s the process that’s the difficult bit!!! Good luck honey xx

  3. I agree with you about change, and your plan to deal with change sounds very wise and positive to me. Best of luck!

  4. Is telling people – quite rightly – that work is only one part of your life a way of preparing people for the day when the company decides that work, or at least, working for them, is not going to be part of some of their employees’ lives…

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