Nothing like a squeaky chicken to cheer up a sick dog.

Well looks like the medication has finally kicked in because Dexter is a lot better today, we even had a few little jumps of joy when we got home today. He is still not jumping up on the furniture (which could be a good thing I guess) he just sits in front of the couch and looks at us with those sad big brown eyes until one of us lifts him up.

We picked up a little treat for him on the way home from school pick up today, which he just loved. There is nothing like a squeaky chicken to cheer you up. Thank you for all the well wishes.



27 thoughts on “Nothing like a squeaky chicken to cheer up a sick dog.

  1. Oh, I am so happy that he is feeling better!! 🙂 That is lovely to hear! He looks so cute in the photo with that chicken-toy 🙂

    1. Me too, it was horrible seeing him in so much pain and unable to do anything to help I hope he just pulled a muscle and nothing more sinister. Looks like the pain is all but gone now as he is moving around more and even attempted to jump up on the couch which he was able to do. Xx

  2. Our ‘phone lines have been dfown so i didn’t realise he had been having problems….still, it was good to catch up at the point at which he is feeliong better.
    I used to buy squeaky Thatcher toys for my terriers …they loved tearing them up to a cacophony of squeaks, and I liked the thought of being able to have a go at the real thing!

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