Internet speed at snails pace


So our internet speed is painfully slow, so slow, in fact that it barely registers on the speed test app thingy my son downloaded for me to prove his point.

I have questioned the speed of our service before, as well as our network coverage and have been assured repeatedly by Telstra that we are in a high speed location and from what they can see we should have fast fabulous coverage throughout the home which alas we do not.

There are five of us using the internet at any given time, sometimes I wonder if this could be the reason for the lag. Apparently I can purchase this special device that should give us five bars for five devices, but I can’t help but be skeptical. We already have a repeater in the boys room which quite frankly does not seem to be doing much. Why would this new device be any different?


12 thoughts on “Internet speed at snails pace

  1. routers are very simple really – they generally fail completely when gone bad… the provider is the likely source for the problem – do they make service statements about speed – probably – ask for credits for months that service is slow… ask to be switched to a channel with more free bandwidth – b ug them – investigate competitors. I use two routers – that really only puts two routers on the same service though. I don’t heave a problem but if I did, I’d know because of present activity that there is a service problem at the provider… what is your past experience with the devices you use now – if it was much better, you can bet the bandwidth is now being used by your neighbors more that waas used in the past.

    1. Lol they don’t so anything much waste of a hundred or so dollars. Ours is just plugged into one of the power points in the boys room which is at the back end of the house and synced with the modem. 😊

  2. I am thinking of going to the service provider with the readings from the app and finally showing them just how slow our internet is. I don’t know what bandwidth is but I will mention it. Thank you so much.😊

  3. I live in Sandakan on the east coast of Sabah. My internet readings are similar to yours except maybe here it can stop up to 10 times a day. Possible the fact you have 5 feeds running off the one modem is a factor. In Sandakan the quality of the old copper phone lines are such that they’re not able to carry the bandwidth. This should not be the issue in Melbourne, but perhaps a lot of households are using the internet in your area at anyone time. Like reading your blog.

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