I stumbled across Barkbox yesterday while scrolling through Pintrest and was instantly intrigued and of course had to share. What a wonderful idea indeed. For a not too extravagant fee one can now arrange for a box full of treats to be delivered on a monthly basis for the family dog.

Imagine the surprise, the joy, when this box of goodies arrives. From what I was able to see you can choose what you would like to have included in your monthly Barkbox, that way your beloved pet will never get bored.

The company offer free shipping and 10% of sale goes towards an animal rescue group. It’s definitely worth finding out more that’s for sure.



16 thoughts on “Barkbox

      1. momwithoutpaws is worried that many would think because we have not heard of pets dying from food made in other countries that the threat does not exist. Even if it says made in the USA it must also say ingredients grown in the USA

  1. I just emailed them they say the treats are sourced from USA, Britian,New Zealand. that for me is to vague, so I sent an e-mail asking if they can garentee the items ingredients were grown in any of those countries. The last serious episode I heard was just this week with a Jery treat that was made in the USA yet some ingredients were from China that had deet in it, which killed pets

  2. Sam used to enjoy Christmas – he knew there were boxes under the tree with his name on them and he would sort by smell but not touch them otherwise – Christmas morning he would rip the paper off – bunch the packets together and then bring a chosen one over to be ripped open if he could not manage. Provided the ingredients are safe it will be Christmas every month for the lucky recipients..In the absence of a canine at the moment I wonder if my two legged pet would appreciate!

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