New Payroll system causing havoc

So we have a new payroll system at work and it has got everyone all worked up while the kinks are ironed out. Today was the first pay run and it was surprise, surprise a disaster.

Some people did not get their leave entitlements, some people did not get the correct salary packaging, some people (me included) did not get paid at all.

This is what could only be described as an organisational nightmare.

The new system is suppose to make our lives easier, it is meant to be more user friendly and can be accessed remotely but at the moment there is a lot of skepticism around this new and troublesome system, let’s hope they can sort out the kinks sooner rather than later.


19 thoughts on “New Payroll system causing havoc

  1. we had such a chaos with a new tax-system once. My grampy was suddenly the owner of three houses. sadly only for 48 hours :o( I hope they will solve the problem immediately, it’s bad to get problems only because of a non-working new system.

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