Just a hopeless romantic

There is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book, except of course losing yourself in a great trilogy. I have just finished reading the Rebel series by Elle Casey and I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that I will no longer get to spend time with the characters that I have become so attached to.

In the past two weeks I have spent every spare moment reading. For me that is what differentiates a good book from a great one. A great book is one that you cannot put down. A story that as you near the end you are filled with dread knowing that the adventure will soon be over and your time with these characters will inevitably end.

Reading is just as much a form of stress relief as writing is. My genre of choice is romance. I am a sucker for love. Really strong, head over heels, love at first sight, can’t live without you type of love. What can I say, I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.


10 thoughts on “Just a hopeless romantic

  1. Momwithoutpaws loves to read she has a basement full of books. She has Gone with the wind, Scarlett, and Rhett Butlers Family.

  2. I was like this with the Harry Potter books – I am not one for reading romance – too depressing for me – but take me to another world…where life is different…:)

  3. I think greatness is neither good nor bad! Greatness is always extreme as in either the best or the worst! Flawless protagonist can be as great as a gruesome murderer. And this is the kind of greatness I have often witnessed in books. Every book has some sort of greatness and this is what a reader wants. I second your love for reading 🙂

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