GPS Pet Trackers

GPS Pet tracking devices seem to be all the rage at the moment and prices vary anywhere from $50 to $350 depending on the type and brand.

These small GPS devices clip onto your pets collar and send a signal via SMS directly to your smartphone with your pets whereabouts.

This is a great idea especially for pets that tend to wonder. My friend’s daughter has one on her cats collar and they love to track her movements throughout the day.

When I had a quick look through eBay I couldn’t help laughing at some of the uses for these trackers apparently they are for pets, cars and kids. I must admit that last one did grab my attention don’t think I’d get away with it though.



11 thoughts on “GPS Pet Trackers

      1. Do any of them? With all of the missing dog notices on Facebook I worry about Bob being stolen, cocker puppies are a lot of money, hopefully as he gets older I will worry less! X

  1. These trackers are a good idea, I suppose — especially if your dog/cat tends to wander. I guess they have an “app” for everything these days. πŸ™‚

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