Talk about ruining a good day.

Today was a good day right up to the very end and then I ruined it!!

I had a fun day at work, the best part was when I heard from my friend who has been dealing with loss and for the first time in a very long time she sounded more like her usual self, which was such a huge relief!

Then Harry had soccer training and that is always fun, and directly after that George had basketball training and I got to pop in a visit mum and dad for a bit, like I said all good. Finally make it home drive into the garage and suddenly remember that I didn’t drop off the stuff that mum sent for my sister. So as I go to drive back out of the garage I forget that I had pressed the remote so the door is coming down.

The garage door came down hard on the the roof of my car I panicked and drove back into the garage the whole top of my car is now scratched and the garage door dented.

Lucky for me I have a lovely husband who wasn’t too mad and loves me regardless.


17 thoughts on “Talk about ruining a good day.

  1. We husbands actually like these type of events because they provide us a get-out-of-the-doghouse-free card that lasts and lasts. If we are receiving an earful w need only raise an eyebrow and murmur “garage door” and peace again reigns. In the hands of a master, one busted door and a few car dings can be parlayed into a year of relative immunity for spousal screw ups.

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