Time wasted

Going to the hairdresser is the most boring of experiences when you are a women it is literally 2 to 3 hours of sitting around doing nothing reading through old magazines or in my case playing on my phone.

There was a time not so long ago that I actually cherished this time away from home and the kids of course they were a lot younger then and it was literally the only chance I had to just sit and relax while someone else washed and colored my hair and transformed me into a prettier version of myself.

Nowadays though my children are older so I do have more time for me , more time to read a magazine or a good book if I like. Thus the 2 or three hours spent sitting around at the hairdresser are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

I still love the end product I just wish that I could walk in walk out and look fabulous without having so sacrifice so much of my day.


8 thoughts on “Time wasted

  1. I completely agree, but then I could never sit in a hairdressers for all that time, it would drive me crazy, I got to a barbers and come out all done 15 minutes later – job done!!

  2. My hair is not a priority, but my toes – for years, the once a month trip to have my toes done – one hour of silence, of time for just me… oh my goodness but that was precious!

    Now Mr. T is 16 and well, my toes aren’t so much a priority anymore! 🙂

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