I didn’t realize how traumatic orthodontic treatment was for children. And to think we haven’t even really started yet either.

Today Madelyn had another appointment with the orthodontist. This appointment was so that she could have impressions /moulds taken and also photographs before commencing having her braces put on.

What was suppose to be a simple procedure (well at least that is what we were expecting) quickly turned to tear works as the dentist struggled to get the mould into Madelyn’s tiny mouth.

It is heartbreaking to see your child in pain, scared and be unable to help. Of course I did the customary “it will be ok baby” thing, but it was of little consolation .

The photos that followed were just as bad as her mouth was stretched and prodded and photographed . By the time we left Madelyn’s eyes were red from crying and all the happiness that oozed from her when I picked her up from school earlier was all gone.

Now here we are at the radiology place having another OPG (whole mouth X-ray ) and a Cephalogram (no ideas what that is).

Poor baby, and to think this is only the beginning, in a couple of months the actual braces go on, I am so not looking forward to that.


14 thoughts on “Orthadontics

    1. Hopefully the end product will be all worth it. Madelyn has a high pain threshold I think she was just a little shocked today, so far all our visits have been only to have a look inside her mouth and not much more.

  1. I hate impressions – still to this day I hate them! First off, when it comes time to x-rays, I have to have them use the children’s tools because the grown up ones don’t fit in my mouth.
    Second, when it comes to impressions, it takes about 3 tries before they get one that works. I have to have them sit the chair up, and then raising my right foot when I start to struggle really helps. But trying to take impressions while the chair is reclined just doesn’t happen!
    I hope that it all gets better from here! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (And the only time I used wax was when I was playing my instrument in band, the braces never cut my mouth up)

    1. Hopefully she won’t need to take any more impressions. They did have the chair reclined it was an awkward position. I had never heard of using wax before Army of Angels mentioned it, but I will get some might come in handy especially for playing clarinet. Xxx

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