Sydney day two

Day two in Sydney and the weather really let us down today and wouldn’t you just know it, the sun is out in Melbourne. Arrgh

Today we did the touristy attractions, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera house and Harbour bridge. We even took the ferry across to Manly and spent a few hours exploring.

I must say that I found the Opera House very disappointing. As spectacular as it is on the outside the inside is sadly quite a let down. I was expecting opulence, red velour carpet and big crystal chandelier’s what I found instead was a lot of concrete and not much else.

Climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge was an experience, the views from up there were just magnificent!!

Despite the rain and the grey gloomy sky above we managed to have another fun filled action packed, totally exhausting day. Time to soak my weary feet, Sydney sure has a lot of stairs.







14 thoughts on “Sydney day two

  1. The weather here certainly has put it on for you but not in the best way. Totally biased though ( although I have moved slightly north of Sydney it will always be ‘home’ ) I hope you are still enjoying this marvelous city that holds my heart no matter where I travel. Happy vacationing πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you still had a great time in iur city despite the rain! Pretty u lucky tho we’ve had weeks on end of sunshine! You must of brought the Melbourne weather with you ;p

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