High School assessment -ACER testing

This weekend Harry had his testing day at the high school he is going to next year. Most high schools do this, it is a way for them to get an idea of each child’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to place them in appropriate grades accordingly.

Unfortunately Harry is the only one going to this high school from his primary school, so it was a very nerve wrecking experience. Out of my three children Harry is the least social, and I won’t deny that I am worried about him making friends and fitting in. I have flashbacks of year 2 when every day was a struggle getting him to school, countless stomach aches, and doctor appointments to tell me what I already knew, he was stressed not happy. Then one day it just clicked, he made friends, great friends that he still has and will hopefully continue to have despite going to a different high school.

Standing in the courtyard waiting for everyone to be ticked off, was very hard, everyone else seemed to know each other, people were standing or sitting in groups laughing and chatting and we stood in the back alone watching nervously. I did spot one of my eldest sons friends mother with her youngest and offered to go across the courtyard to stand with them but Harry did not want to.

Finally just before the boys were split into groups and marched off, a boy approached Harry and started talking to him. It turns out he is also a twin!!! I cannot describe my relief, and what was even more Impressive was that when I went over to say thank you to his mum for sending him over to talk to Harry she assured me that she had not, her son had come over on his own.


13 thoughts on “High School assessment -ACER testing

  1. When I was a youngster ( a very long time ago) I found it difficult to socialise and kept to myself a lot. That all changed in high school due to various reasons, but in hindsight by mostly out growing my extreme shyness. I am sure your son will excel in his new school environment.

  2. Wishing your son well in his new school! With a mum like you, he already has a head start. My brother was painfully shy as a child, but made friends who he will have for life and has had the most wonderful academic and professional journey since high school, that has taken him overseas. Best wishes to your Harry! xx

  3. Hi, I have a Harry too so this post jumped out at me.
    I hope your Harry settles well and that his new friend will be a friend for life. They both sound like great kids with brilliant mothers.

  4. I had a similar experience but now consider that time as training so when I got older I could go to cocktail parties and stand around wondering if I was the only one not having conversations. Oh wait, was that too much information? πŸ™‚

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