Father’s Day in Australia

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia and our day began with the usual early start for soccer. All the dads were out in full force cheering on their sons as Melbourne put on its most beautiful sunny Sunday weather.

After soccer which incidentally was a win, the kids presented hubby with his presents – which are always such a delight to receive. Madelyn got Stephen a watch because he is obsessed with the time (we have at least one clock in every room of the house and two on the deck ( only the toilet doesn’t have a clock). Harry got Stephen a key chain with a football stress ball, because his father likes football and as he explained can tend to have a short fuse. George opted for the sweeter option of a big mug for hot chocolate with a built in warmer.

We spent the day with both fathers, mine and my husbands . Enjoying quality family time and lots and lots of yummy food.

I know that it isn’t Father’s Day in all other parts of the world, but I hope that if you are a dad, or if you have a wonderful dad like I do that you get to enjoy some special times this weekend.


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