Eaten by a snake


I am an animal lover it is no secret, I love all animals especially dogs and cats, but I have a extra soft spot for birds. I love birds, especially parrots. I have two parrots Stan who is a South American Quaker parrot and Molly a beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet.

Last week my friend and Colleague popped in for a coffee and was admiring my birds, she told me about her mums bird which is also a Lorikeet called Georgie and how friendly she was.

Today while we were at work my colleague/friend received a text from her mum to say that Georgie had just been eaten by a snake. We were both shocked and saddened, when my friend text back to ask her mum how she knew that Georgie had been eaten by a snake her mum sent back this photo. If you look closely you can see poor Georgie yet to be digested inside the snake.

I wanted to share this photo because I thought it would serve as a timely reminder with summer fast approaching. I am so glad my birds live inside. Poor little Georgie. R.I.P.


30 thoughts on “Eaten by a snake

  1. Oh, no! 😦 I’m a bird lover, too. This is very sad. I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. My children’s first pet was a lovely budgie named Ollie. He was the most cheerful little guy and brought us so much joy with his antics. We had him for 10 years and it was such a sad day when he passed. Your friend must be heart broken.

  2. Where in Gods earth do you live where there is a snake like that? That’s right out of a National Geographic Magazine.

      1. I thought Brisbane was a massive city. Wow remind me not to leave small children around unattended.

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