Snap Chat

I joined up for snap chat at my sons recommendation and boy am I struggling to get my head around it.

For those of you like me who have never really heard of snap chat it is an app whereby you can send your friends photos or videos and they can view them for up to 10 seconds and then the image or video is gone.

I would like to say gone forever but somehow I doubt that is true, I think we all know by now that once anything is out on the net it’s there forever somewhere in cyber space.

Snap chat is an easy way to connect with your friends anywhere around the world and send each other quick up to 10 second messages. At least this is what I am told.

I can’t get my head around that holding down the snap button, I just keep tapping instead. At the moment I have two friends my cheeky teenage son and my gorgeous nephew.

Has anyone else heard of Snap chat? Or has signed up for it?


11 thoughts on “Snap Chat

  1. I’ve not heard of snap chat – but that doesn’t mean anything! 🙂 It would take me longer than 10 seconds to find my reading glasses to view the photo! By which time it would be gone! haha 🙂

  2. My son has it – and is very happy that I haven’t signed up for it! LOL I was using his the other day to chat with his girlfriend because he was driving – and well, it’s a lot of work! What do I want to take a picture of? Why can’t you just text? Are you sending through inappropriate things because it will “disappear” after 10 seconds? That’s the reason why most parents won’t let their kids use snapchat. You can only go back and look at one thing in a 24 hour period – so the kids can send inappropriate pictures and such 😦

  3. My son tried to tell me how it worked but sadly it just didn’t take. I’m pretty good with tech but Snap chat just had me confused. I couldn’t figure out when to press down or when to release and lord knows what I actually ended up recording. In the end I gave it a miss to the relief of all concerned.

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