City 7’s Summer Competition

Soccer summer season (City 7’s ) started today. The City 7’s Competition is a bit different then the regular winter soccer season, firstly as the name suggests there are only 7 players on the field and the pitch is half the size of the normal soccer pitch. The game has two 20 minute halves, there is no off side rule in the City 7’s competition and the whole season – which incidentally is only 10 weeks long, is much more relaxed and fun.

The City 7’s is designed to keep the boys active during the summer months, and is great for building skills and especially good for team bonding.

This year my Harry has managed to get a team together with his friends from primary school. These boys play soccer everyday together at recess and at lunch. Their first game for the season was victorious the boys won 3-0.

To see them playing together, for each other is such a joy. All the parents were there cheering the boys on. The weather held out as well which was lovely. Feels like summer is almost here yay!!



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