I am loving my boxing class! Never in a million years would I have ever picked myself as someone who would enjoy boxing and yet here I am. Boxing makes me sweat more than anything else, more than Zumba (which I also love), more than jogging, more than the 30 day Facebook AB challenge. Boxing makes my shoulders and my legs feel stiff. The day after my first boxing session I could barely pull my jeans up. Yet despite all this the buzz, that feeling of exhilaration that I get after each session makes it all worthwhile.

I am lucky that the mixed session that I attend is filled with really nice people, everyone of them is lovely and helpful and just adds to the whole positive experience. If you are looking for a fun (please note I use the word fun loosely make no mistake boxing is extremely hard work) and liberating form of exercise than you must give boxing a try.


14 thoughts on “Boxing

  1. Jesus,mean lean killing machine! WhatΒ΄s next for you, mixed martial arts?…..glad your enjoying your boxing! I myself did a bit and more hand to hand combat but that was for another reason. Not as easy as it looks the boxing thing right? The way you punch, you rotate fist and all the the rest. Enjoy, and this way youΒ΄ll probably have your husband or relatives squared away. πŸ˜‰

      1. Hello diana, sorry for the delay respons, be back to the internet world tomorrow.

        So my guess is that nobody is going to break into your house then with all those people doing funky move πŸ˜‰

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