Just a dog?



5 thoughts on “Just a dog?

  1. Dog bravery is a topic of discussion at our house. Max is a profound coward by nature. While he loves 100% of the people he meets, he’s quite timid around other dogs or when placed in any new environment.

    Still, we hold to the romantic notion that he would defend us if we were ever threatened. I’m not sure what 7 kilos of enraged Maltese would accomplish if the attacker were any larger than a shrew (4-legged, not my neighbor’s wife) but the notion of a brave Fluff is pleasing.

    1. I’m sure Max would defend you if the need ever arose. Dexter is very social he loves everyone and would happily jump onto and lick friend and stranger alike, but I honestly believe that if he felt we were threatened he would rush to defend, just like Max the brave fluff hehe 😊😊

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