Shopping with Tweens

Shopping is a woman’s favourite pastime, this is an indisputable fact, however shopping with tween daughters is not the most enjoyable thing I must say. My daughter is 12 and we have been looking and looking and trying on dress after dress after dress in search of the perfect grade six Graduation dress with no success.

The dresses I like she doesn’t, the ones she likes well I just don’t. What makes it extra hard is finding anything in her size, the dresses we have looked at have either been way too big and therefore do not sit right or look good for that matter, or too kiddy looking, she is after all almost a teenager and the thought of buying a dress from the children’s section just mortifies her.

But we are running out of time, most of the girls already have their dresses so the pressure is well and truly on now. I have been thinking about trying the internet next but I’m worried about sizes and shopping on line. Any suggestions??




13 thoughts on “Shopping with Tweens

  1. This is why I so HATE clothes shopping! You can spend an entire day and find nothing that fits. I gave up shopping online because it is such a pain to return things if they don’t fit. I had the same issue with my daughter. We always ended up going with what she felt was the best option out of all, even if it wasn’t what she was really looking for. What else can you do?

  2. Make it yourself? Lol! I know that’s not always an option. I was lucky I could do that when my girls were growing up. Seriously, find yourself a good alteration person and have what she loves taken in a bit here and there. Warning- it may get pricey.

  3. These dresses both look good – did either of you like these ones?
    If you find one you both like that just doesn’t sit right, alter it to fit, it’s the only way (and what I always advised my clients).
    And considers adding your own flourishes, do you have a haberdashery shop near you? You could choose ribbon or flowers or appliqués to add to give it your own boost. Some nice velvet ribbon around the bottom of the bodice on either of these would look good and you could match it to shoes?
    Let you daughter know that this is the advice from a (retired) personal shopper/image consultant – it might help, you never know…xx

  4. Tween shopping for a dress… I hope the food court had some stress reducing comfort yummies! I really like both of the dresses… white one=princess like dots=sophisticated yet fun. Good luck!

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