I choose life

We had CPR training at work today, it is always good to have a refresher in first aid and CPR it makes you feel just that little bit more confident knowing that if the need ever did God forbid arise you would have a small idea of what to do and who knows, hopefully even be able to help save a life.

In Victoria 80% of the population is now trained in CPR this is the highest number for any state in the world. It is quite an impressive number I feel, but despite so many people being trained in CPR many people are still not willing to step in and help in an emergency we were told today. Disappointing I think.

If there is one thing that is drilled into us year after year in these refresher courses is that you should definitely have a go. If someone is not breathing by doing something you are at least giving them a chance at survival whereas by doing nothing you are effectively condemning them to certain death. I hope that if ever faced with a life or death situation that I would choose life.





11 thoughts on “I choose life

  1. I have been in situations to have to use CPR twice in my life. Both were auto accidents. Even when death appears inevitable, CPR gives hope to witnesses…it gives worth to the life you are trying to save…

  2. I took a CPR/ AED/ First Aid class in July as part of my personal self-improvement plan. While I hope the need never arises, it does feel good to know that I may be able to help now whereas before I would have been clueless. I would recommend everyone take the class and get certified. Thanks for posting this great reminder. Karen 🙂

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