Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody, hope you all managed to fill your bags with goodies galore. Unfortunately this year my boys decided they were too old (as if there could ever be such a thing) to go trick or treating, but Madelyn and her friends dressed up and had a ball.




9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. That’s awesome!! She looks great!! Mr. T was officially too old last year, and it was weird for me that he wasn’t going out! Our night is just starting, the graveyard is out, the pumpkins are lit and the scary music is hidden and going! Oh, and I’ve had three pieces of the candy in supposed to give out!!

  2. I was at the gym today climbing the Stairmaster and I had the little TV screen tuned in to the comedy “Scary Movie”. I started laughing so hard I almost fell off the machine because of the antics of that “Scream” character.

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