Is it normal to be attached to your phone?

I am very attached to my phone! My whole little world is pretty much stored on it. All my photos, my calendar, my music, notes, my WordPress, my Facebook, pretty much everything is in this hand held device that is never far from my reach.

Today we had the soccer BBQ at Lilydale lake, the weather was beautiful, the company was great, there was food, and sunshine and fun. Normally I would have checked us in on Facebook and taken photos galore, except that one of my friends decided to confiscate my phone for the day!!

His intentions were good, in his mind I am way too connected! He is probably right it has been said before that’s for sure. So I went along with it and you know what? I felt lost! I kept feeling like something was missing.

When I finally got my phone back there were 54 WordPress notifications that I’d missed, along with a text message from my teenager asking me to grab maccas on the way home, and many emails. It felt good to have my phone back I must admit, I do understand that it probably isn’t healthy to be so attached to a phone, but in this day and age that we are living in this is more the norm than the exception, wouldn’t you say?


29 thoughts on “Is it normal to be attached to your phone?

  1. Cell phone over-use has received a lot of media coverage, particularly for teenagers and young adults. The alarms have been raised about the number of texts sent each day, about the consequences of sexting, and concerning the places where people use their phones. Science may now be catching up to the media concerns.

  2. Oh WOW! 54 WP notifications.
    Isn’t it funny what one picks out of a blog post to comment about? Sometimes I will receive a comment and I think, “You missed the whole point of the blog.” LOL

    So…I do not own any of those fancy phone things. Just have the phone that is sitting on my computer desk in case I need tech help. And another on the kitchen wall. Our phone might not ring for days. I think friends know I am not a phone person.
    And when it does ring I’m thinking: TROUBLE! 😦

    1. I’m kinda like that myself; while I do have a smartphone, I don’t use it any more than the flip-phone I had before… I barely ever get called or texted, so there’s no great need.

      But on the otherside, I do go through periods when I’m on my laptop a lot to checks forums, blogs, and video channels for hours on end, and that’s not all that different from how most people treat there phones these days.

  3. I’m exactly the same; never more than 2 metres away from it. I explain it away by convincing myself it’s needed to keep me sane from the pressures of living where I do. Of course many will argue its the phone causing the problem.

  4. I love the written conversations of wordpress, and positive messages of Facebook (I mostly follow organizations and ministries). When I started teaching at a different school this year, WAY out in the country, my cell service became spotty (at best). It was a withdrawal process to not be able to have a quick, spontaneous read anytime! My friends understand that if they text or call while I am at work, I most likely won’t respond until the end of the day.

  5. I too am attached to my phone but less than when I had teenagers. I liked to be close in contact to them. Now I’m not looking at it so often, nor do I need it on the table say at a restaurant for fear of missing a call. I must admit I’m not so tied to Facebook or twitter on it but I do like to be on both on the desktop of ipad when I’m just sitting around. .. Like now :))

  6. My phone is always close by, as much to ensure that I can hear from my boys if they want/need me, however, I’ve removed facebook, wordpress and instagram from it…initially it was a memory and battery saving exercise, but as I am at home so much I can see everything on my iPad and don’t really need it all pinging on both. I quite like the separation sometimes, but only for a short time…x

    1. Yes I need to feel that my children can contact me when ever they need to also. The battery life is a huge issue especially with iPhones. At home I tend to flip over to iPad as well but again my phone is never far away. Xxx

  7. I went for ten days last year without my phone when I dropped it in water! Don’t ask where. I had to send my children a private message on Facebook to give them my landline # because I had them all on speed dial and had no idea what their #’s were. It was Christmas Eve. I think I went into withdrawal! Horrible experience!

    1. Lol I can just imagine how terrible it would have been. I can’t help thinking how many times I have dropped my phone – I now have one of those tradesman covers on it for extra protection. I haven’t dropped it in ummm water but have come close. πŸ˜‰

  8. When we are working, I’m attached to the phone. If we are home and not working, you are lucky to be able to find either of us. I’m at a place in my life and career that I don’t care about responding to anything immediately.

  9. I’m very attached to my phone – my family has remarked before that I’m like a teenage girl when it comes to my phone.

    Yes, I know how to put my phone down and participate in life, and I work at it frequently. But guess who is the first one they call to “quick, take a picture!” or “you should be recording this” or “I guess I didn’t answer my phone so she called you” or “what is so and so up to? have they posted anything lately?”

    uh huh. So, for those that think we are too attached to our phone, I just smile and nod.

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