Getting ready to celebrate a massive milestone

For over a year now we have been planning something special for my parents as a way of celebrating their upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary. Finally the moment is almost here and we are up to finalising last minute details before the big event.

I wish I could tell you all exactly what we have planned but unfortunately my parents do follow my blog, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so like mum and dad, you too will just have to wait till next Saturday.

I do want to acknowledge though that 50 years of marriage is a massive milestone!! It is an achievement that they can both be proud of. An achievement that we too can be proud of as we have been along for much of the journey. My parents have not had the easiest life, they have had many ups and many downs, but through it all they have managed to stay together.

I hope that Saturday will be a great day and that they will enjoy all that we have planned for them. I can’t help feeling a little excited and at the same time a little nervous, there has been so much hype around this I can’t help worrying what if reality does not live up to expectation.




26 thoughts on “Getting ready to celebrate a massive milestone

  1. CongratΒ΄s. YouΒ΄ll have hopefully a great Saturday. Ironic to read this post since my parents anniversary of 50 years together is coming up next year. And we where actually talking about that yesterday. Talking I say, in my family is more of teasing. Plus they donΒ΄t seem to give it too much though. Why I still donΒ΄t understand is after all those years and how well they each know each other they still wake up and they make each other laugh. Quite a mystery really. I have to get out of this house soon, strange returning back after so many years away. Cuddly but strange plus I donΒ΄t like too much cuddling. But going back to the theme on hand, congratulations to your parents!

    1. I forgot to mention how nice it is that your Mom reads your blog. Nobody in my family reads my blog. Not the kids and not even the AJF. But that’s OK, I get away with saying stuff that would otherwise get me in trouble.

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