A jar full of happiness


I saw this on Pintrest the other day and thought what a wonderful idea!!

A jar full of happy memories that you can look back on and relive all over again!!

Next year is going to be a good year I can just sense it!! My babies are starting high school, Georgie is going to be in year 10, hopefully he will get a job and will also be getting his learners permit, Stephen and I along with my brother and sister are planning a wonderful holiday overseas to gorgeous Italy, my nephew will be going to the university of his choice to study, we have two 50th birthdays and a sweet sixteen. There will be plenty of opportunities to fill that jar to the brim with good memories. I can hardly wait to get started.

Only 23 sleeps till Christmas!!!!


16 thoughts on “A jar full of happiness

  1. My son and I did this a couple of years ago – actually all of my girlfriends did, too. I kept a jar and slips of paper by the front door and any times something special happened, we’d make a note. The plan was that at our annual New Years Eve party we’d all bring our jar and go through the memories together, but I was so sick that I snoozed on the couch all night and skipped the party – but Mr. T and I did go through it the next day and it was awesome to recount some of those memories and ticket stubs!

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