Feeling blah!!!

I feel so sick and miserable. My nose is as red as Rudolph’s from all the blowing, my throat aches and my body feels like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I’m sitting up in bed with my trusty iPad surfing the net and the blogosphere feeling sorry for myself. There is so much I have to do especially tomorrow which is my twins graduation day and honestly I don’t have the energy to do any of it.

My friend just called to discuss last minute preparations for our boys and she suggested I try making myself a warm drink of lemon, honey and whiskey – said it worked wonders for her, she slept like a log. Another friend suggested heating up some Cointreau or Dom Benedictine and adding some honey to that. I’m game to try anything that will help me feel better that’s for sure.

Any other suggestions with or without alcohol???


41 thoughts on “Feeling blah!!!

  1. A grog always helps. When you’re at the beginning of a cold it can completely kill it! If you’re …deep into a cold then it will surely help. My recipe is heating up cognac [or whiskey] with a spoonful of honey and one freshly squeezed lemon and drinking it in one gulp [bottom’s up as they say]. A full tea cup will do. So: bottom’s up and get well soon! πŸ˜‰

  2. I would suggest you to take the tea with lemon and honey without alcohol which is good for your throat and get some rest.For me it always helps. πŸ™‚ Hope you get well soon!

  3. For me sleep is not the answer, it just makes you cuddle more and more in that bed and it get harder and harder to get out of it and start moving. My suggestion, start moving as soon as possible and donΒ΄t feel sorry for yourself, just freaking move! even with pain.
    love ya

    1. Thanks Charly I agree the more you stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself the harder it is to recover. Thankfully there is too much to do today so like it or not I have to be up and soldiering on. 😊😊😊

      1. Yes mam, I was talking mostly for myself. Found it that the more I hunkered down the harder it was to get up. So problem then solved, the faster I got up and kept going on, the easier it gets to not get down. Too often that is.

  4. All of the suggestions are fine. They make you feel a little better by masking the symptoms or getting you a little drunk. You have a virus. It will leave in its time. Until you are starting to feel better, stay home. You are still contagious.

  5. Sending you so Love and Hugs via the airwaves.. Fingers and toes crossed I am the only one out of our immediate family that has not come down with a cough and cold.. Despite everyone sneezing and coughing all over me.. I put my immune system down to my making Elderberry Syrup in the autumn, I have been taking a tablespoon full every day.. πŸ™‚ and a Vit C supplement every day .. Hubby has had his Whiskey toddies πŸ™‚

    Hope you soon will be better… You have to be.. Its Christmas Soon…. πŸ™‚ xxx ❀

  6. Your friends like the hard stuff. I like them already. My favorite was a snifter of cognac enjoyed in a hot bath to get that good sweat going. Damn near drowned a few times, it was wonderful.

      1. I invented Hot Limoncello on-the-spot for you especially. Let me know if you find it online. I hate to think that somebody beat me to it !!!
        All you have to do is pour a glass of it and microwave it to the maximum temperature that you can handle… the lemon juice is in it already… so are the spirits. If you really want a recipe add honey and some lemon rind curled into strips… but careful, Limoncello is treacherous, like rum toddies with brown sugar : only when you try to walk you know what the effect is. Cheers …

      2. I googled limoncello looks good. I am actually going to Italy next year, apparently limoncello comes from the Amalfi coast can’t wait to get there and see and try everything. I like your recipe with the lemon rind and honey πŸ™‚

  7. i do not drink alcohol and i am allergic to honey – i drink hot mint tea – a melange of peppermint and spearmint and i take lots of hot showers:) feel better soon.

  8. hope I am not too late – but garlic – add some to warm water and crush it fresh so the allicin can work. I call it garlic tea – lol – and of course it is better in soup – but if no appetite just a half cup of warm water and maybe a few crackers. Also, a half of aspirin has helpful. oh – and have not needed it in a while, but “theraflu” has helped me when I have been flu down bad. Seriously, it really works for my body.
    and regarding thee whiskey, I heard that it helps with specific infections – and so while it may not work every time – certain microbes die with it – so it really depends on what you have.

    also, my husband always gets better with powdered vitamin c – (ascorbic acid) and never the tablets – but a heaping teaspoon of c – and “CALM” magnesium and whew – amazing stuff.
    of course get your sleep and no sugar πŸ™‚
    healing wishes to you (even though I know you are feeling a bit better now).

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