Babies in homes with pets develop stronger immune systems


Just another reason why having pets is so good for you.


22 thoughts on “Babies in homes with pets develop stronger immune systems

  1. I’ve heard this one before 🙂 Didn’t help my allergies or asthma, growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it. My kids, on the other hand, had no pets till a hamster when 10 years old, and they have no allergies. Sometimes, if you’re going to have allergies – you will!

    1. Yes I guess this is true too, if you are going to have allergies you will. A stronger immune system is only one of the many benefits of having pets though. They are an endless source of love and companionship, they are loyal friends, confidants, therapist, cuddle buddies and heaps more wonderful things. 😊😊

  2. My grandmother – who kept her house like a new pin – would scoff at people worried about their children rolling about with dogs or other animals…’clothes and children wash’ she would say ‘and you’ll eat a peck of dirt before you die’… No allergies in her family (mark you I don’t think an allergy would have dared to raise its head…)

  3. Also means they don’t grow up with a crippling fear of animals. I never had any pets growing up and was terrified of all animals, until my partner’s family got a dog a few years ago and I realised that not all animals want to eat me. I’ll definitely have pets when I have kids.

    1. Pets make a house a home, and I really believe all children should have a pet growing up. I read somewhere this quote which I just loved “every boy should have two things, a dog and a mother who will let him have one” .

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