Hot cross buns. Really???


I couldn’t believe it this afternoon when I went to the supermarket to pick up some supplies and saw they already had hot cross buns out – what the????

Christmas isn’t over yet, we still have our Xmas tree up and Coles is already preparing for Easter. What’s the hurry? Why can’t we just savour the moments as they come? I don’t want to rush through life, I want to enjoy every precious moment, I am all too familiar on how quickly it can all change in the blink of an eye so I don’t want to rush this year – not an easy feat I must say, as I am known for rushing around, juggling fifty things at once, but I am determined to do my best. So Its safe to say that I won’t be rushing out to buy hot cross buns, at least not until Easter is well and truly upon us.


21 thoughts on “Hot cross buns. Really???

  1. Oh dear. It’s not surprising here in the UK to see Easter eggs at the start of the new year too, sometimes even end of December! I wouldn’t be surprised to see hot cross buns either.

  2. LOL, our big box store had Valentine’s Day items up before Christmas was here! It was so weird – as they sold out of Christmas Candy, they just filled the shelves with Heart shaped boxes! It was kinda freaky! But at least it wasn’t Easter!!

  3. wowo – and I saw some valentines day stuff and thought it was early for that – but easter – yikes! I agree – let;s not rush when we can savor some things…. and in the summer, it is so annoying to see school supplies come out with 4th of July stuff – argh – anyhow, happy new year!!

  4. That is really something commercial, you know! We also have our Christmas tree still in the house because it is cosy, it costed us 28€ & it is a real one!

    Last year, at the end of August, we already saw chocolates from Sint-Niklaas in the shops & that was only December the 6th here in Belgium!

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