Jumping through hoops

I have been trying to get my son a Tax File number issued so that he can start looking at getting a part time job.

Although school is the number one priority, it is also important for him to learn that money does not grow on trees and that in order to be able to afford all the things he wants (xbox games, new phone, a car ) he will need to not only work hard but also save hard.

Getting a tax file number in Australia has proven to be harder than I first thought. First you need to apply for your Tax File Number on line and then you need to present at the correct post office (not all Post Offices will do) with your print out from the Taxation office along with all of these originals (not copies) of documentation, the blood of a virgin and the feather of a Phoenix. (Well that’s what it felt like anyway).

Tomorrow I will try again and hopefully this time I will have all the paperwork they need and we can finally get the ball rolling.

If the form says you must have three proof documents or your tax file number in order to apply on your child’s behalf, and you give them your tax file number how can they then turn around and say no we don’t accept that, what the??

Ok well tomorrow is another day, clearly I’m just frustrated. Sweet dreams everyone


8 thoughts on “Jumping through hoops

  1. Just the other day I tried to explain what “jumping through hoops” means to a friend whose first language is not English. Expressions and idioms are often hard to understand.
    I think I will refer him to your blog post. lol

  2. And so you should be frustrated! Where are the days when you could go out and work and not worry about all the paperwork proving you are who you are? Life used to be a lot simpler. Now there are roadblocks – everywhere!

  3. LOL!!! I remember when Mr. T wanted to get a work permit, which we need if you want to work under the age of 16 and he jumped through all of these hoops… and then discovered that even with his permit no one would hire him until he was 16!

    but, good luck! 🙂

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