School holidays- what happened to having fun??

I have taken a week off work to hang out with my kids over the school holidays and have some fun, but it seems that technology has captured my children and is holding them hostage, because aside from skyping with their friends and playing games on line they do not want to really do anything!!

We have arranged for some of their friends to come over for a sleepover Monday night and to spend the day with us on Tuesday, and we are catching up with some family friends on Friday but aside from that they really don’t want to do anything else.

I should be happy I guess that they enjoy being home but I can’t help feeling like they are missing out by locking themselves away like this. In a few weeks time school will resume again and the carefree days of the summer holidays will be but a distant memory, surely they must want to do more than this?

So tomorrow I have planned a fun filled day for us, and despite the looks of horror I received and the blatant lack of enthusiasm I am determined that we will have fun!!


19 thoughts on “School holidays- what happened to having fun??

  1. I am reminded of the book “Little Women”. The four sisters would sit with their mother and read stories and put on plays and entertain one another. They went through sad times, but they always seemed to have fun and were active and creative.
    Be firm and demand that yours have FUN!! Then take a couple of aspirin I guess. 😦

  2. I would enjoy their company while they wish to stay home… time soon comes around when they no longer think it cool for parents to be around! 🙂
    Have FUN!!!.. I have my Granddaughter who is 4 over for a sleep over tomorrow… 🙂 I love sleep over nights 🙂

      1. 🙂 Oh I so remember those days… I remember vividly when we took our daughter into town to buy her new school shoes.. She must have been 13.. She walked ahead of us.. Her Dad said why are you walking so fast.. She said it was in case any of her school friends saw her with us.. :-)…Makes me smile still… Glad she grew out of that.. LOL… 🙂

  3. Get those kids up and moving! In years to come they will not remember the video games but they will always recall how Mom forced them to do things they dislike – it’s called “creating lasting memories!” Yeah!

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