Getting braces

Madelyn had her braces fitted today and I must admit we are both rather nervous!

I was surprised to hear that she had actually been researching on the internet and YouTube about getting braces and what to expect etc so she seemed to be quite the expert. Ofcourse having said that, nothing beats real life experience does it ?

The whole process only took about half an hour and I must say it did not hurt at all that Madelyn’s orthodontist is very good looking and just so sweet and lovely.

Step one of an 18 to 24 month adventure is now complete and I think they look great, better still aside from some discomfort there is no pain yay!!!!





16 thoughts on “Getting braces

  1. Wishing you all the best Kiddo! Both my girls had braces – and you’d be surprised how quickly the time flies by – and then you can look stunning for the rest of your life πŸ™‚

  2. I hated those damn things, why do parents put their sons or daughters through that torture? Plus itΒ΄s expensive……although now I do have quite a perfect lined up teeth though.

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