Nothing beats a good book


Today I finished reading my fourth novel for the year and we are only three weeks into 2015.

All four books have been really good, but the two that stand out the most are “Wife on the run” by Fiona Higgins and “Other people’s diaries” by Kathy Webb.

Surprisingly both these novels were written by Australian authors and are set in Australia. Maybe that’s why I could relate to them more?

There was a common theme to both these books and an element of the depressing? ( which doesn’t sound quite right but hopefully you can understand what I mean by that).

The theme for this year seems to be reflecting on life and finding ways to improve on it. Both of these novels were about this. Although I believe that I am blessed with a good life, there is always room for improvement and I’m finding that the older I get the more important it is to find myself and to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

For now though I will do as I always do when I finish a great book and that is to take time our to reflect. Some books stay with us a long time, some books change the way we think, some books make us feel good inside. These books did all that and more.



4 thoughts on “Nothing beats a good book

  1. I love good books! I’m reading Starter Wife by Moriah Densley, and it’s about starting over after having been a starter wife – now, I’ve never been a wife, but as a single woman getting up there in years, it’s nice to read about women closer to my age! 🙂

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