Could 2015 be the year of self discovery?

The girls and I saw The Wild with Reese Witherspoon tonight. This movie is based on a true story about one women’s quest to hike the Pacific Coast Trail.

I honestly didn’t know much of what the movie was about other than it was a movie about self discovery.

The movie was not our usual romcom girls night out but it was very good, sad and yet hopeful. I really recommend it.

So far this year seems to have a common theme, it’s in every book I seem to read, in the movies I watch and in my thoughts day and night.

There is no denying it life is changing, I’m am entering a new phase of my life and although at times it seems terrifying I have no choice but to go with it.

My horoscope for this year said and I quote “This new phase is about breaking free from the limitations of fear, darkness and insecurity.” It then goes on to say something about Saturn rocking my second house of values and how this will not only lift my self esteem but also my money making capacity (not that this has ever phased me before – can’t imagine it will now either).

I guess it will be interesting to see how 2015 pans out and if it will indeed be a year of self discovery. One thing is for sure I have no intention of finding my self by hiking as in tonight’s movie, the idea of ripping my toenails off or drinking disgusting water does not appeal to me at all.


5 thoughts on “Could 2015 be the year of self discovery?

    1. I’m hoping exciting is the right word, scary seems to be coming to mind a bit but I keep pushing it aside and telling myself change is always good, it opens up opportunities and keeps us on our toes xxxx

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