Beautiful Belgrave

Madelyn’s new school is in beautiful Belgrave, nestled in amongst the mountain tops, every time I drive up there which is pretty much every morning and afternoon these days, I can’t help but feel so taken with the views. Belgrave has such a beautiful country feel, I think it is the heart of the foothills not just the gateway to the Dandenong Ranges. Quaint shops, old world charm cinema and puffing billy (an old steam train ) are only some of the attractions on offer here. For the past week or so, every morning I have noticed a man – dressed like a nomad – someone who wanders around the desert, equip with a unique walking stick with skull head on top, patch over one eye like a pirate and turban on his head. Every time I see this man I can’t help but wonder what his story is? Why is he dressed this way? What’s with the walking stick? So I did some research and my strange nomad has name and a Facebook page I might add – he is Baba Desi The Wizard of Belgrave, an iconic figure, 85 years old who is an activist, a humanitarian and a healer. I was thinking that interviewing him would make a great story for the local paper but turns out he has been interviewed many many times, he sounds like an amazing man who has helped others, I can’t wait to see him tomorrow now that I know his story my curiosity about him has been replaced with admiration. Just one more thing to love about Belgrave I guess.





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