50 Shades of Grey

I went and saw 50 shades of Grey with the girls at the beautiful Cameo cinema on Saturday and despite all the negative reviews I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed all the books as well, and yes the book is definitely better than the movie, but it was still good to see.

There was a lot of sex and they did show a lot more than what I was expecting they would especially since the movie was only rated M.

The whole night was really good, there was a photo booth with cool props, yummy cocktails, goodie bags, great company and a long awaited movie. A great girls night out for sure.








14 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey

  1. I must admit that if the book is better than the movie then it is definitely not for me, seeing that I threw the first book in the garbage less than halfway through it. However, it looks like you and your friends had a fun, lively time, and that is what matters most!

  2. I was waiting to see what you thought..I’ve had no interest in reading the books or therefore seeing the movie, but am aware of all the hype, so your review is interesting 😀 looks like you had a fun night xx

  3. It appears alcohol was involved. Really, really involved. Good for you. I probably won’t get to see the film. My wife says I’m so old fashioned that only 50 Shades of Grey I’ll see is my beard.

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