Moments to cherish

So today I let my son, who is soon to turn 16, and already booked in to sit his learners driving test, drive my car for the very first time.

We arrived early to basketball practice and there were only two other cars in the carpark so I thought what the heck.

He was so excited and so surprised!! I won’t deny that I was nervous, I was, and I think I drove him a little crazy repeating “brake, Brake” over and over.

He did really well, parked perfectly, if not for his hands getting twisted whilst turning the steering wheel he would have been perfect. Must be all those car racing video games he plays lol.

I was very proud of him, and I could sense that he too was proud of himself, as well he should be. I’m glad I got to share this moment with my son, another first to add to our long list – I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this moment for the world. And I now think that I am going to be alright with this whole parent of a driving child thing. Bring it on I say.


21 thoughts on “Moments to cherish

  1. Big day! Thank God your son didnΒ΄t steal your car at age 13 and drove around like crazy and the car here is with stick, seems he had more presence of mind than I did. But was fun and dangerous too, but fun. My driver instructor just passed me because he just didnΒ΄t want to get back into a car with me later on.

    I never understood though how in the U.S you can legally drive at such an early age, but canΒ΄t drink until your 21 but you can join the armed forces at age 18 and be trusted with not just a rifle but a whole bunch more that goes into that job. Quite the American paradox that was for me.

      1. You would have probably send me to an orphanage quite at an early age. But glad your kids are doing good. They can read me and see if they screw up where they can end. I can be like a therapist….quite an exciting though. I can help others. I can be the best therapist IΒ΄m sure of that, o.k….are you still breathing not fainting at the thought of your son under my wing right? πŸ˜‰

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