Soccer is back 

So I’m feeling a little disappointed , they announced the two teams for soccer today, there is the A team and of course the B team and as you would expect everyone wants to be on the A team. 

Well not everyone, some kids just want to play soccer with their friends and thankfully my son falls into this category. 
I can’t help feeling bad though for all the boys that did want to get in to the A team though but didn’t make it. There were some very sad faces around the club this afternoon and that goes for both kids and parents.
Hopefully by next Tuesday when training resumes again, everyone will be happy and excited for the new season.  I have put my hand up to be manager for the B team, I’m  sure it will be a challenging  but also rewarding role. 

19 thoughts on “Soccer is back 

  1. This teams thing is sometimes a popularity contest too. I agree with you, once the season gets going, hopefully the players will mesh, and just enjoy playing the game 🙂

  2. That is such a horrible situation – why can’t they just have two teams called blue and red or something like that and stop it seeming like top team and bottom team??
    Good luck with the manager role though, that should be interesing…Graham was manager of Ben’s tram for about 5 years…good luck with the other parents!!! 🙏

    1. I actually had to pull out of the managers position I feel bad but I can’t help feeling disillusioned by all this and feel like I am being disloyal to my friends who have been affected. Harry is happy to play with his friends, but last years coaches son – who was the stand out player last season and was told he would go up didn’t – looks like they are leaving the club now and also my dear friend who has been a long standing supporter and sponsor of the club and her son has played in the A team he was put down, they are confused and he is broken-hearted. It has ruined the season for us all. 😒

      1. Oh no!!! People seem to forgot that this is kids football, the lads just want to play football, not get caught up in all this politics 😦 what a shame honey, I feel sorry for the boys too xx

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