Learner driver 

Well it’s official I am now a parent of a learner driver!! We had our first lesson today – it was interesting.  I was impressed I must say, he was quite good.

I’m wondering if all these car racing games that kids play these days help at all with driving? they all seem so much more skilful than I was.
It’s funny the things you remember – I found myself quoting things my dad had said to me  when he was helping teach me to drive. 
I was a bit jumpy which I think is understandable right?? But as George’s confidence increased I found I was able to relax a little and actually enjoy this new phase.
So my boy is now sweet sixteen and already learning how to drive.  


11 thoughts on “Learner driver 

  1. Congratulations upon your Son’s 16th Birthday.. Oh I so remember learning to drive.. Here the age is higher 17 before you can get a permit for a driving licence. My I was never brave enough to take my Son.. His Dad had that pleasure.. 🙂 He Now drives Buses for a living 🙂
    Happy and Safe Driving to you both. ❤

    1. I’m teaching him automatic transmission but my nephew has manual / stick and he also took him for an hour or two and said he did alright. I actually let him drive me home today – it wasn’t far of course and it wAs a very quiet road. He is a natural 😊😊😊

  2. Okay, here, at 15-1/2 Mr. T got his learners permit, and at 16 he is driving all over the place by himself. All of the sudden I’m thinking we need to raise the age limit!

    Then I think about all the days I’m not taking him somewhere or picking him up from somewhere and I’m back to being happy that he is driving himself all over the place! 😉

    But, congrats, seriously!

    1. Wow 16 seems so young to be driving. Here in Victoria, you get your learners permit at 16 and then once you turn 18 and you have completed no less than 120 hours of driving practise only then you can get your drivers license. 😊😊

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