The things you do for love 

Two days before the twins birthday and the only thing they both want is a DS game. How easy is that right? Wrong. 

Turns out the game that Harry wants is sold out around the state. After an hour of trying every store in our area and watching his face grow sadder and sadder, we have finally located a copy but it’s like on the other side of town – literally.
Fortunately they have a hold on it for me until
close of business Wednesday afternoon. So looks like I’m going on a little trip.   

10 thoughts on “The things you do for love 

  1. It’s great that you will do it :o) I once drove 300 km one way to get Mermaid Barbie for my niece… it’s silly but I was her hero that christmas and that’s priceless :o)

    1. Thank you sweetie. I have sent off for a copy of our marriage certificate and then I can formerly apply for my passport hopefully the fact that my first name has been spelt slightly differently on birth certificate won’t be a problem if so I’ll have to go into the city and see what my options are . Xxx

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