April Fools day babies 

Well today is the day!! My beautiful babies have now turned 13 years old. I couldn’t have wished for a better April Fools days surprise!! As of today I am the mother of not one, not two, but three teenagers and surprisingly that thought does not scare me as much as it no doubt should. 




13 thoughts on “April Fools day babies 

  1. Happy birthday wishes to your babes. Bless you, I remember having multiple teenagers in a home, I owe so much to the makers of Ibuprofen and Mossberg. (long story)

      1. They came out as preemies and haven’t slowed since at all, only accelerated. Probably being more exposed to Adults than Kiddies until recently, and both being type As explains them. Sponges and DVD recorders for brains, I suspected at first.

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