Feeling relieved!!

Well today was my first night as basketball coach for my sixteen year olds basketball team. 

I have been having many sleepless nights worrying about my crazy decision to put my hand up to be coach this season.
After much researching last night I finally put together my training plan which I meticulously went over with my son. 
But anyone who has every spent hours putting together a plan, any sort of plan, will tell you that things just never go according to plan!!
Tonight things went better than planned, better than I was expecting!! I am a lucky girl that’s for sure. My dear friend (who incidentally put her hand up as team manager to support me) turned up tonight to help out with her son who also plays basketball and is wanting to get into coaching, so did one of the other dads along with his son also a basketball player. 
Together the 5 of us took the boys through various drills and had lots of fun as well. So tonight I feel so optimistic!! All that stress has been washed away!!  I feel hopeful that the boys are going to have a good season. First game is on Saturday, the thought is no longer terrifying. What a relief!!  


9 thoughts on “Feeling relieved!!

      1. yeah – but as you know – 16 is so close to college and the time invested will really pay off later – but whew – it will be bait of work – good thing you have some help/support.

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