Take what you need 


I am so lucky to work at a community health service and one that is definitely a leader amongst health care at that. 

Only at a community health service such as ours can you find this on the back of the restroom door.
Mental health is just as important as physical health and sometimes you just need some passion or hope or forgiveness or strength or even courage. So what is it that you need today? 

11 thoughts on “Take what you need 

  1. I really like this encouraging image you shared – and I have seen something similar on band-aides – but I LOVE this idea -and I also agree with you on the mental health importance – wellness is rooted there – because thoughts have so much power and as you and I have shared in other comments – it is time that schools start equipping students with more skills in this area – and I guess we all do our part with posts like this – xxoo

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